KRYOKONTUR offers entirely new opportunities in the treatment of unwanted fat deposits.

The focus is on a cryotherapeutic approach to treatment in the context of reducing the overall proportion of body fat.

The long-known effect that fat cells are damaged at a temperature of below 7°C is sensibly exploited by cryolipolysis. By this means, superfluous fat cells are broken down and eliminated by a natural metabolic process.

All treatment with KRYOKONTUR is almost painless thanks to an optimised temperature profile. The treatment applicator conducts the cooling temperature to the surface of the skin via a transfer fabric and aided by vacuum. In this way, with a treatment time of up to one hour the fat layer embedded between the skin and the muscles is cooled to such an extent that fat cells are damaged and eliminated.

Certification according to EN ISO 13485:2012
Registration No.: TNP/MD/0105/3860/2014