Kryokontur - Kälte gegen Fettzellen
Cryolipolysis with the most innovative technology – MADE IN GERMANY by Ergomed, with more than 15 years experience in the development and manufacture of cryotherapy equipment.

Kryokontur KK2
© Markus Steur

Cryolipolysis with Kryokontur
The KRYOKONTUR KK2 is the first off-the-shelf cryolipolysis device with the quality seal Designed and Made in Germany.

kryolipolyse mit kryokontur
Cryolipolysis with Kryokontur is pain-free
The treatment of unwanted fat cells with cold is almost pain-free. As a rule there are no sensations of pain as the cooling has an anaesthetic effect.
Cryolipolysis with Kryokontur ist effective
Innovative cooling compressor technology enables the treatment of large areas on all relevant parts of the body. Even temperature distribution and a special temperature profile enable the achievement of optimum results without skin damage.
Cryolipolysis with Kryokontur is innovative
Solid technology from Germany, the most up-to-date microprocessor control and a great variety of treatment applicators guarantee a futureoriented equipment system.

Certification according to EN ISO 13485:2012
Registration No.: TNP/MD/0105/3860/2014