KRYOKONTUR uses the most up-to-date cooling technology - developed and manufactured in Germany.

To ensure the greatest comfort and safety the treatment applicators are cooled according to a special temperature profi le. High-precision control ensures that the temperature in the applicator and on the surface of the skin is maintained exactly.

KRYOKONTUR stands out because of a high degree of effi ciency with very large contact areas thus enabling treatment that is particularly effective and gentle.

KRYOKONTUR uses the most up-to-date cooling technology - developed and manufactured in Germany.

As a certified treatment partner we would be happy to give you detailed professional information on how you can improve your personal problem zones with the KRYOKONTUR method.

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kryolipolyse mit kryokontur
Cryolipolysis with Kryokontur is pain-free
Because of the anaesthetising effect of the cold you will feel no pain during and after the treatment.
Cryolipolysis with Kryokontur ist effective
Innovative cooling compressor technology enables the treatment of large areas on all relevant parts of the body. Even temperature distribution and a special temperature profi le enable the achievement of optimum results without skin damage.
Cryolipolysis with Kryokontur is innovative
Solid technology from Germany, the most up-to-date microprocessor control and a great variety of treatment applicators guarantee a future-oriented equipment system.
Cryolipolysis with Kryokontur

Cryolipolysis with KRYOKONTUR is one of the most innovative methods for removing annoying rolls of fat on stomach, hips, saddlebags and the insides of thighs.

The ideal treatment for the targeted and pain-free reduction of fat deposits without surgery.

Cryolipolysis with KRYOKONTUR is a new and unique method for the targeted reduction of unwanted fat deposits.

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It uses the finding that fat cells are more sensitive than the surrounding tissue to cold.

Thus one, depending on thickness of fat, 35-70 minute treatment is sufficient to damage the fat cells permanently. In the following 3-4 months the destroyed fat cells are metabolised and eliminated by the body.

Dietary adjustments or changes may support and speed up this process.

Cryolipolysis with Kryokontur
Kryolipolyse shapes the figure

With KRYOKONTUR the annoying fat deposits can be simply and safely broken down.

Many problem areas in both men and women can be treated completely without surgery and taking time off.

As a side effect of the fat breakdown tightening of the skin and reduction of the cellulite can very often be observed.

Kryokontur method of use

The treatment takes place relaxed on a couch and lasts between 35 and 70 minutes.

For constant cooling of the unwanted fat deposits the corresponding area is covered with a special transfer pad. A cooling applicator in combination with a constant vacuum ensure an even transfer of cold to the surface of the skin.

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After treatment the skin is reddened for a maximum of 3 hours and may be more sensitive to touch.
Kryokontur - relaxed to your ideal figure

Treat yourself to an effective treatment

  • without surgery
  • without pain
  • without time off